How Advocare has changed our lives

Jerry and I are always on the go/scheduling our days to the max. So much that I generally have a hard time shutting down at night because I am still “going”. Honestly, I was not always like that. I used to come home mid afternoon and take a nap every day because I was SO exhausted. I would push things aside because I just didn’t have the energy or desire to attempt it. Since then I have discovered AdvoCare and it has CHANGED MY LIFE!! Both in health and financially. I have more energy than I know what to do with most days and have almost lost all of my baby weight in the process. So if you are struggling to get through your day… do not have the energy to even play with your kids/get through a workout in the afternoon… or maybe you desire extra income/ to work from home with your kids, I have some exciting things to share with you!! If you can relate to ANY of the above please do not hesitate to get with me and I will be happy to share more of my story and my LOVE for AdvoCare with you!! or
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