My morning ENERGY cocktail!

Hey guys this is Amy. I wanted to share with you a little secret of mine. I am a full time therapist at a very busy hospital, I teach multiple group fitness classes each week at the local gym and I have a very active 10 month old. Needless to say… I am ALWAYS on the go!! What keeps me going each and every day is what I call my “morning ENERGY cocktail”. This cocktail consists of AdvoCare Spark and Thermoplus. While most people athermoplus bottlere making thesparkir coffee or drinking sodas, I go straight to the kitchen as soon as my feet hit the floor and mix my glass of Spark energy drink and take my first Thermoplus pill (fyi: each pill burns up to 150 calories just to digest). This will usually sustain my energy level through a typical work day. If I know that I am going to have a busy afternoon, I will have another “cocktail” about 1pm to push me through. So whether you are searching for a place to crash for a mid afternoon nap at work or an exhausted stay at home mother who cannot find the energy to play with your kids this may be the “cocktail” you have been searching for! If you are looking for a healthy alternative energy drink that will not cause that notorious CRASH… order Spark today!!

Check out this comparison chart for AdvoCare Spark compared to other sources of energy drinks! Spark-Comparison

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